How to Stop Mental Exhaustion So You Can Work Smarter

Interview with Bonnie St. John

Episode Description

“There are diminishing returns to driving yourself until you drop. In a world where the pace just keeps accelerating, you can’t slow down what’s happening to you. But if you can speed up the pace of recovery, you can be more in balance.” – Bonnie St. John

Why are we always mentally worn out?

As business leaders, we ask a lot of our brains every day. Decisions, creativity, strategy, and more. And if we don’t protect our mental energy, it will show up in our bottom line.

Today on the Building a StoryBrand podcast, Donald Miller sits down with Olympic medalist and leadership consultant Bonnie St. John. She shares small but mighty “micro-resilience” techniques that can help us keep our mental sharpness so we can be at our best for the people who count on us.


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