Why You Need to Pay Attention to Mental Health at Work

Interview with Dr. Lee Norton

Episode Description

“What we’re trying to do is have a place where we’re optimally able to be active, to be creative, to be connected, to be calm. As a result, people feel emotionally safe. They feel cognitively safe. They feel financially safe.” – Lee Norton

If you read the headlines, you know our mental health is precious. But you also know it’s in jeopardy.

As business leaders, what can we do? Plenty.

Today on the podcast, we welcome Lee Norton, a clinical social worker and trauma expert. She helps us understand the role mental health plays at work. What is trauma and how does it show up in our employees? What do you do if you work for someone who lacks empathy? How can you protect your own mental health and look out for the people around you, too?

It’s a timely conversation with loads of insight for business leaders who want to create a safe and nurturing work environment.


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