What Works Better: A Physical Office or a Virtual One?

Interview with Bryan Miles & Jacob Morgan

Episode Description

“Shared vision, not shared spaces, creates a culture.” – Bryan Miles

Do you really need a physical office space? Remote collaboration is easier than ever, and digital workplaces are on the rise. But how does each setup impact how we work? Which kind of office will help your team members achieve their best?

Today on the podcast, we have two guests with differing opinions. Bryan Miles of BELAY joins us to discuss the merits of the virtual remote office. And Jacob Morgan, a leading expert on how we work, shares the benefits of a thoughtfully designed physical space.

In these two conversations, you’ll be able to compare and contrast the benefits and determine which style works for you, or how to blend them to get the best of both worlds.

“If you want to create a great place to work, create an environment where people actually want to show up.” – Jacob Morgan


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