Snoop Dogg’s Manager and Ben Rector Take Us Behind the Scenes of the Music Industry

Interview with Russell Redeaux & Ben Rector

Episode Description

“You can’t ever look inauthentic as an artist. You can’t ever look for the brand deal because the brand deal will never find you. You have to make your art … and you have to find partners that help you tell that story.” – Russell Redeaux

In this episode, we’re taking a closer look at how music artists and managers develop their brands in a rapidly changing landscape. In part one, guest correspondent Allison Trowbridge interviews Russell Redeaux, the manager for Snoop Dogg and many other fantastic artists. Then, in part two, Donald Miller sits down with musician Ben Rector. From balancing commercial success with artistry, to cultural diversity in our entertainment, to the way streaming works, to the backstory of global marketing campaigns, you’ll find this insider look at the music business fascinating.


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