The Power of Resilience When You Face Adversity

Interview with Jason Russell & Bonnie St. John

Episode Description

“People fall down. Winners get up. But sometimes the gold medal winner is just the person who gets up the fastest.” – Bonnie St. John

It’s not a question of whether or not we’ll face adversity. It’s a question of how we’ll respond when we do.

So today on the Building a StoryBrand podcast, we’re featuring interviews with two incredibly resilient people. First, Allison Trowbridge talks with Jason Russell, who experienced worldwide acclaim of Invisible Children followed by a public mental breakdown. Second, Donald Miller sits down with Bonnie St. John, who despite having her right leg amputated as a child, became the first African-American to medal in Winter Olympic competition.

They help us understand what resilience looks like and why it matters. So if you’re facing a setback, listen to this episode for the inspiration you need to get back up.


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