How to Make Fear Work for You in 2018

Interview with Miles Adcox

Episode Description

We may hide it well, but the truth is most of us business leaders and executives suffer from the same fears that plagued us in middle school — appearing incompetent, vulnerable, and foolish. These fears get in the way of our goals and mess up our relationships.

But not this year. As we move into 2018, we’re going to start with how to face your underlying fears in a healthy way. This week, Miles Adcox joins Donald Miller for this week’s episode of Building a StoryBrand podcast. As the CEO of the therapeutic retreat center Onsite, he’s been helping leaders like you and me understand how we need to embrace our fears rather than give in to the typical fight, flight or freeze responses.

This is an inspiring conversation, and the wisdom Miles shares has the potential to launch our new year in a way that will forever change the way we lead. Don’t miss it!


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