5 Surprising Ways a Smart Assistant Will Simplify Your Life

Interview with Bryan Miles

Episode Description

“The old school days of having an assistant parked outside your door and just asking for coffee or running and getting your dry cleaning is over. You need to see your assistant as an extension of who you are as a leader.” -Bryan Miles

For your business to truly thrive, you’ve got to be good at delegation. You know this. But it’s so hard to relinquish control of your email, your calendar, and your travel. You’ve bought into the myth that only you can do it all, and it’s sucking the life out of you.

A personal assistant can help — but only if you set up the relationship in a healthy way. To help us, Donald Miller sits down with Bryan Miles. His company, Belay Solutions, helps high-performing executives achieve more by pairing them with top-notch virtual assistants.

In this episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast, they discuss the 5 key ways you can create a positive and productive relationship with your assistant, even if you’ve been reluctant to delegate in the past.

Stop trying to do it all. Listen to this episode, and you’ll unlock new levels of freedom, creativity, and value for your business.


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