How to Live More Like a Champion

Interview with Scott Hamilton

Episode Description

When the Winter Olympics start this week, we’re going to be captivated by winners. We’ll get inspired by seeing years of hard work all come down to one moment of glory.

You may not be fine-tuning your luge run. But as business leaders, we still want to win. We want to surpass last month’s goals. We want to beat the competition. We want to lead the industry.

That’s why we have Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton back on the Building a StoryBrand podcast this week. He and Donald Miller talk about how to live more like a champion.

Scott has an amazing way of taking what he’s learned about competing and winning at the highest level and turning it into wisdom we can use in everyday life. When you know what champions do differently, you’ll start accumulating little wins — and those will turn into big victories for your business and your life.

Don’t miss this one. You’ll walk away inspired and equipped to tackle your most Olympic-sized goals.


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