How to Embrace Tension to Be a Stronger Leader

Interview with Tim Arnold

Episode Description

“The leaders that really kind of stand out are the leaders who choose to be in more tension.”—Tim Arnold

Left or right.

Justice or mercy.

Traditional or innovative.

Logic or gut instinct.

We tend to be binary thinkers. We assume things have to be one way or the other.

But this is dangerous, according to Tim Arnold, today’s guest on the Building a StoryBrand podcast.

To be a better leader — both at work and at home — we need to embrace healthy tension. We need to learn to see life’s decisions not as “either/or” but as “both/and.”

When we do, we give ourselves a massive competitive advantage. We unlock a new level of leadership and creativity. Our businesses (and our lives) can breathe and be healthy.

If some area of your life or business has plateaued and you don’t know why, listen to this episode. It’s nuanced, it’s practical, and it may just be the “aha” moment you need to truly start thriving.


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