Redefining Productivity to Focus on What Actually Matters

Interview with Michael Hyatt

Episode Description

“Freedom is the end result of productivity. If you’ve got a productivity system that’s not making you feel more free, you’ve got the wrong system.”-Michael Hyatt

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a productivity junkie. You love getting stuff done and being successful. You write down stuff you’ve already done just so you can check it off!

But when constantly being in “beast mode” leaves us feeling depleted and unhealthy, is that really success at all? What if we’re doing productivity all wrong?

Today on the StoryBrand podcast, Donald Miller sits down with Michael Hyatt to talk about a better approach to productivity.

Michael believes that to truly be productive, we need freedom to focus on the things that matter most. That way, your life can be full of significance and meaning, not just tasks and goals.

In this episode, he teaches us the surprisingly simple systems and rituals we can implement to help us do just that.

If you struggle to turn off work at nights and weekends, or if you always feel defeated at the end of the day no matter what you’ve gotten done, you need the wisdom Michael shares in this episode. Listen now, and don’t forget to subscribe, too.


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