How to Lead Your Team So Everyone Brings Their Best

Interview with Steve Cockram

Episode Description

“You can create compliance in a team by driving alignment and execution, but you can’t actually create a high-performing team if each individual doesn’t actually feel their voice is truly heard, valued, and appreciated.”-Steve Cockram

If you want to build a team where everyone feels supported, heard, and ready to tackle big challenges, then you want to listen to this episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast.

In it, we welcome our correspondent Allison Trowbridge as she talks with GiANT co-founder Steve Cockram. As a expert in both leadership and personality types, Steve walks us through the five different personalities (or “Voices”) you’ll find on every team and how to nurture each one.

In Steve’s words, “You can’t outsource culture.” Build a better one by making sure everyone feels safe and supported to contribute their best.

This episode will show you how. Give it a listen!


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