How to Grind Out Success on Your Own Terms

Interview with Daymond John

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““If you know how something works, you’ll always have a job. But if you know why something works, you’ll always be their boss. And if you really have a trust in your gut you’re going to be okay. Stop listening to other people.”-Daymond John

How do you define a successful person?

On the podcast today, we welcome Daymond John. He founded the iconic fashion brand FUBU. He kills it every week on Shark Tank. He is, without a doubt, successful.

But the story behind his success — and how he pursues it now — is what truly makes Daymond inspiring. In this conversation with Donald Miller, Daymond shares the habits and qualities you need as a leader if you want to truly prosper in both life and business. He also tells some amazing stories about the early days of FUBU that will encourage you if you’re in the beginning stages of your startup.

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