How to Become the Most Captivating Person in the Room

Interview with Vanessa Van Edwards

Episode Description

“My favorite purpose in every conversation is to try to get the other person to have a “me too!” moment. It makes us feel accepted. It makes us feel heard. And most importantly, it makes us feel calm.” -Vanessa Van Edwards

The awkward stops here, folks.

If you want to be more memorable and captivating when you talk to other people, then you need to listen to this episode. Donald Miller talks with Vanessa Van Edwards, a human behavioral expert, about the art and science of how we interact with each other.

Discover the small signals you don’t even know you’re sending out — and how to authentically manage them so people easily connect with you. You’ll feel more confident and and in control the next time you walk into a room of strangers or sit down to talk with your team. Listen now!


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