Go Behind the Scenes of the Cutthroat Movie Industry

Interview with Kellan Lutz & Ryan Daly

Episode Description

“I think I know how to get from point A to point Z. It’s just about every day waking up and rolling the ball forward one foot, and then the next day rolling it forward another foot, and another foot. It’s just a matter of doing it.” – Ryan Daly

Ever wonder what it’s like in the film industry? What it’s really like?

Today on the Building a StoryBrand podcast, we’re taking an insider tour of the movie business. Our guest correspondent Allison Trowbridge sat down with actor Kellan Lutz (of Hercules and Twilight fame) and top manager/producer Ryan Daly. Together, they give us a fascinating look at what it takes to succeed with integrity in a cutthroat industry. There are some surprising takeaways for other industries too, particularly if partnerships, clients, negotiation, or first impressions are a part of your job.


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