How Can Our Podcast Help You Accomplish Your Big Goals?

I’m writing this post, donut in hand, celebrating with the rest of the Story Brand crew after a fantastic Season 2 of the Building a Story Brand podcast.

I have so many great takeaways from our guests this season. And if the reviews on iTunes are any indication, I’m confident you’ll find some breakthrough ideas for your business, too.

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What are you hoping to accomplish with your business this fall? Here’s how our podcast can help you make it happen. Grab a donut and dig in.

Goal #1: Take Your Customer Experience to a New Level

Step 1: Listen to Secrets of Insanely Good Customer Service
with the Canlis Brothers, Owners and Operators of the legendary Canlis restaurant in Seattle

Here’s exactly how to put your customers first — through radically unique approaches to hiring, team morale, profit, and more. These brothers are the masters of consistently delivering an unforgettable customer experience. There is so much good stuff in here.

“The core values of your company are only your values if they cost you something.”

Step 2: Listen to 3 Ways to Deliver Value and Delight Your Customers
with David Salyers, VP of Brand Activation for Chick-fil-A

Brilliant stuff from David here. He unpacks Chick-fil-A’s three strategies for dazzling customers. He also digs deep into what’s behind it — a remarkable company culture. This podcast is your shortcut to more loyal customers, lower advertising costs, and better employee retention.

“Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Goal #2: Become a More Confident Leader

Step 1: Listen to Is Your Professional Wardrobe Hurting Your Business?
with Toi Sweeney, professional stylist and image consultant

This interview is a blast. Your wardrobe is a huge factor in your confidence. I can say this even though I wore flip flops to work today. Toi is going to show you the must-have pieces men and women need in their wardrobes to communicate confidence and success. With her help, your clothes are always going to work for you, not against you.

“If you’re carrying a great handbag and wearing a great pair of shoes, everyone else just assumes that the rest of you is expensive too.”

Step 2: Listen to How to Cast a Vision So People Listen
with Ken Blanchard, best-selling author and leadership legend

Ken has been inspiring me to lead better for 25 years. Here’s his three-part plan to crafting, sharing, and maintaining a powerful vision for your entire company. Getting people on board with your vision will give you all kinds of confidence to lead your people well.

“If nobody knows what the vision and direction and goals are, then employees have nothing to serve but themselves.”

Step 3: Listen to 5 Habits of People Who Win Big (Even Under Pressure)
with Ben Crane, PGA Tour golf pro

I hope I never have to make a putt in order to win a million dollars, like Ben Crane did. But you better believe that’s the guy I’m going to listen to about mental toughness.

Ben’s mental discipline is incredible, and the end result is a quiet confidence that shines in the biggest moments. And there’s nothing he talks about in this interview that we non-golfers can’t apply to life and work.

“Tomorrow’s great performance is today’s great habit.”

Goal #3: Generate More Sales with Compelling Marketing

Step 1: Listen to How to Win Big With Content Marketing
with Brian Clark, CEO and founder of Copy Blogger

If you run a business, you need to listen to this episode with Brian Clark. Content marketing is powerful stuff. You deliver free, valuable content to your audience. In return, you create trust, favor, and authority as a guide who can solve your customers’ problems. This is going to take all the mystery out of content marketing.

“Your content is a catalyst for your ultimate business objective.”

Step 2: Listen to Secrets of a Successful Product Launch
With Jeff Walker, founder of the Product Launch Formula

Sit in on a session with the master of product launches. People fork over $40,000 a year to meet with him a few times. He’ll show you how make your marketing more successful by treating it like a can’t-miss event. If your product hit the market with a thud, or you’re getting passed by the competition, give this a listen.

“Your copy can never be too long. It can only be too boring.”

Season 3 is coming soon, but first we’ve got a few surprises in store for you on ye olde podcast. Make sure you’ve subscribed either in iTunes, Stitcher, or Podbean so you don’t miss out.

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