Three Paradigm Shifts That Will Improve Your Marketing

We just wrapped up another Live StoryBrand Workshop in Nashville and it was a huge success. It made me think to share a few of the paradigm shifts that are most powerful for those who come through these Workshops.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Your brand is not the hero in a story, your customer is. What this means is we all have to switch our mindset from thinking of ourselves as the hero to thinking of ourselves as the guide. We are like Haymitch in Hunger Games, Yoda in Star Wars or Peter Brand in Moneyball. Our job is to empathize with the needs of our customers and provide a solution to their problems.
  2. Customers buy solutions to their internal needs more than external ones. While most companies sell solutions to external problems, most customers are looking for solutions to how those problems make them feel. At StoryBrand, we explore the internal concerns our customers face and how we can talk about those concerns in our marketing material.
  3. Most corporate marketing material uses too much inside language. Each of our clients assumed their customers knew more than they did. We call this the “curse of knowledge.” Over and over we’d point out their material wasn’t clear enough. Do you want your customer to attend a workshop, buy a candle, call you for an appointment? Then this should be said clearly and plainly. And it should be the obvious button to click on your website.

And as always, one of the best parts about the StoryBrand Workshop is that a community is created. We eat together, laugh together, and sometimes even cry together.

When you start talking about communicating your dreams, things get real.

At the end of our time together, each client leaves with a BrandScript they can use for years to come. Their BrandScripts help them know exactly who they are, what they offer and why it matters to their customers.

We’re expecting each of their businesses to see a significant uptick because they’re being more clear and direct.

Congrats, StoryBrand Alumni. Can’t wait to see where your business goes now that you have a complete marketing plan!

We just wrapped up a Workshop, but it’s not too late to join us at the next one. Our little family of well-equipped business owners is growing. Register today. These workshops are intentionally small and fill up fast.

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